Do you have an architecture degree and are looking for career options in your field? 

If so, we are here for your help. Architecture may seem like a  low opportunity career but you may be surprised with what it has to offer.  

Let’s explore the diverse world of careers in architecture:

  1. Technical Architect: 

Deal with practical implications of design. They focus on construction details and mechanics of a building/ project.

  1. Design Architect: 

Oversee and develop the design of a building. They ensure that the concept and vision of the design are maintained.

  1. BIM Manager:

BIM is the complete 3-D modelling of a building/project. The BIM manager is in charge of the model and update.

  1. Specification Writer:

The job of a specification writer is to create a written document describing the different types of materials and their usage in a project for the builders. The specification writer makes sure that the various components of a project fit and work properly.

  1. Project Manager:

S/He is the main face behind the project. S/he monitors the project throughout. S/he is in charge of planning, organizing and staffing the projects.

  1. Interior Designer:

Interior designer’s role is to make interior spaces functional and safe by determining space requirement and selecting the appropriate material for decoration of the interior.

  1. Urban Designer: 

Involved in the designing of cities and towns. Making the area organized and pleasing for the people living in it.

  1. Sole Proprietor:

Sole proprietor is usually an individual architecture office who is involved in all the processes of the project regarding the architecture.

Effect of COVID 19 on the industry:

Like every other industry, this industry also suffered a huge impact due to the pandemic, this year. Some of  them are: 

1. Lack of workers: 

Due to the Pandemic induced lockdown, most projects had to be stopped as a result of which the working class of the industry had to be laid off. However, the Post-Lockdown Architecture Industry is still facing a worker crisis.

2. Delayed projects: 

The pandemic had forced a delay on the ongoing projects, lack workers, unavailability of materials and most of all Social Distancing.

Post pandemic opportunities:

  1. Demand for interior designing: 

As the work from home culture is growing, people have started focusing on their homes and as a result, the demand for interior designing has seen a hike at this time.