Womens Essentials: 10 things you should own in 2020!

20 Apr, 2023      1 min


2020 is a crazy year. Though most of us are attending classes and office meetings in our comfy pyjamas slouching on the couch, once everything reopens, you have to get back to the hustle. Meaning, you have to look presentable in every situation.

With so many complications, this year, let us simplify one thing for you. Here are 10 essentials every woman should own in 2020:

1.   Crisp White Tee

A staple essential for all the casual moments. Be it shopping or attending a music festival, it has you covered. Pair it with a pair of denim pants (distressed or solid) for the classic American look or layer it with an overcoat or denim jacket for those cold days.

2.   Solid dark wash skinny jeans

The most versatile jeans that you can own are solid dark wash denim. Available in many colours, black and blue are the ones you should go for. Pair it with a tee and sneakers for a casual look or dress it up with a crisp shirt and pumps.

3.   Pumps

Pumps are some of the most versatile ever. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Pair it with jeans for the office meeting or hanging out with friends or with that special dress for that special dinner.

4.   Brown leather watch

Watches are an absolute must-have in your collection. The sheer varieties of women’s watches can confuse anyone. But if this is your first watch or even if you have a bunch of watches lying around, a brown leather watch is an absolute essential. It goes with all outfits and adds that extra something that makes heads turn.

5.   Button up shirt

Shirts add a lot of depth and character to your outfit. Solid or prints, pair up with a beautiful pair of denim or a skirt to glam up your outfit. If you are just starting out, a crisp white or black shirt is the best option. Later, you can add other colours and prints to your collection too.

6.   Black Dress

The ‘little black dress’ or popularly known by the acronym LBD is a must in every woman's wardrobe. This party staple can be worn for any special occasion and can surely make anyone look glamorous and sexy. Go for the one with a high neckline and modest to semi-modest length.

7.   Flats

Wearing pumps/stilettos all day might make you look sexy, but your feet will cuss you for that. Rather than switching to crocks which makes you look like you have given up on life, go for simple cap toe flats. Easy on the feet, they add a casual vibe to your outfit which is perfect for the off-duty hours.

8.   Knit Sweater

Though some people swear by cardigans, a solid knit sweater in a neutral or muted colour not only keeps you warm and comfy but also is easy to style as it easily matches up with most outfits. Highly useful for the rush hour mornings. Go for a V-neck rather than round or turtle neck to add that slight pop to your outfit.

9.   Knee-length skirt

Office outfits can be boring. Everyone seems to be wearing a suit in highly professional settings or jeans in casual office environments. The knee-length skirt falls somewhat in the middle of the two. Pair it with a crisp shirt for a casual work-friendly outfit or layer it with a blazer for that extra professional touch.

10. Denim jacket

Wearing a leather jacket is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some look badass while some just look awkward. The denim jacket is a much safer and versatile option. Layer it up with a white tee and jeans for a classic look, button it up or leave it unbuttoned, you can customize it in any way imaginable.

So those are the top 10 essentials every woman should own. As always, your focus should be on quality and not brand value. Like and share the post with every other gal you know and we’ll see you soon.

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