Cover Letter: 5 practical tips that will instantly make you stand out

20 Apr, 2023      1 min


Writing a good cover letter is hard. A good cover letter will instantly grab the attention of the hiring manager and increase your chances of recruitment. On the other hand, a bad one may cause the manager to might not even read it no matter how strong a resume you have or how deserving you are for a job. 

So, with thousands of cover letters reaching an office every day, how do you stand you?

Well, let us find out. Here are 5 practical tips to make your cover letter instantly better.

  1. Write what’s needed

As professionals, we like to make an impression by showing in detail all of our achievements, accolades and job histories. After all, we take pride in them. But overloading your cover letter with too much information causes more harm than good.

A short, targeted, customized and properly formatted cover letter with proper spacing and bullet points make your information visible at a glance to the hiring manager. 

  1. Customize your letter

“You don’t expect one outfit to be perfect for all social interactions, right? So why one cover letter for every job out there?”

A customized cover letter for the company/position you are applying not only shows that you have done your research but also shows how much you are interested to work for that company.

Research about the position you’re applying for and customize your cover letter according to the position requirements. Create from scratch rather than relying on generic templates.

Don’t recycle. Be unique. In this way you don’t waste your or the hiring manager’s time and increase your chance of recruitment. 

  1. Use Numbers

Numbers have a much bigger impact than words in a cover letter. They provide specific information in terms of measurable results like growth, profits, skills, awards etc. rather than vague or generic words. 

Not only does it make the manager interested, but it will make your cover letter easy to comprehend, quicker to read and make you look much more professional (even if you are not).

Be specific with your numbers, be tangible and never repeat the same numbers everywhere for each position you apply.

  1. Tell what you can do for the company

A resume is for showcasing your achievements while a cover letter is for showing what you can do for the company. It is what drives the final recruitment decision. It is what makes you the perfect candidate for the job. 

Companies need employees with problem solving skills. In your cover letter always mention how your skills can help the company solve problems efficiently. In this way, you shift the focus from about yourself to the company’s needs.

Your work experience matters more than your degrees. Always mention that. 

  1. Be yourself

Thousands of candidates apply for the same position in a company. To increase your chances of getting selected, you have to stand out from the crowd. Companies want individuals who are confident, have a personality and aren’t afraid to be themselves.

Avoid cliche phrases, use clear and straightforward language. Use power words to convey emotion, don’t be generic and never try to sound corny and fake. Be polite and professional and comfortable in your own skin.

Now that you have the knowledge, go and implement these tips to create a cover letter that managers can’t ignore. Share the content and check out other articles here.  


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