6 Amazing interior design ideas to consider in 2020

20 Apr, 2023      1 min


Having your own cosy shelter where you can express yourself freely is a must for everyone. It helps in boosting productivity, creativity and is good for your mental health. Especially this year when the pandemic has forced everyone in the confinement of their homes. 

In such conditions, if you feel trapped in your own home, something needs to change. So, we present you a curated list of 6 amazing interior design ideas that you should consider in 2020:

  1. Back to Nature

In modern mechanized times, people want to connect with nature. Now evermore due to the pandemic when everyone has to remain inside their homes. 

Use of natural material like bamboo in furniture, plaster and lime-wash along with decorations like pots and plants make this décor soothing and close to our roots. 

  1. Magnificent Monochrome

Monochrome décor has always been associated with high-class art galleries, cafés and art offices. Now with even sharper contrast, this décor revamps your home, decluttering the mess and opening up space to new and fresh ideas. 

Achieved through mouldings and trim, this is achieved by creating a space matching with the wall colour and introducing high contrast elements. 

  1. Peppy Patterns 

Patterns are back in vogue for the year and it is everywhere. From wall patterns to rugs to tabletops, symmetrical, asymmetrical, colourful, pastel etc. there are absolutely no rules to it. Style it however you want!

  1. Colour Extravaganza

If some people vouch for monochrome then there are others that love bold colours that make a statement. And for 2020 it is back in fashion with a bang!

Warm and saturated hues on walls, cabinets, floors, curtains etc. look vibrant. Peachy, soft earth tones and leather-looks provide a comfortable, soothing and sophisticated feel to the room.

  1. Ecofriendly & Sustainable

With our societies adopting sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles, people have become conscious about what they eat, what they wear and what furniture they use. 

The ethical component that influences their buying habits is the cause they choose one material over another. This is the reason for the popularity of sustainable interior décor. It gives a sense of responsibility, a sense of contribution for the greater good. 

Earthy elements, harvested and recycled materials, use of textures etc. define this décor. 

  1. Two-tone to own 

Gone are the days of simple white-coloured kitchens. 2020 saw the rise in popularity of two-tone kitchens with contrasting colours that either add a rustic feel or pop to the overall look. 

White and black or use of wood or use of lighter and darker shades define this décor. Additionally, colour and pattern combinations can also be seen in this décor. Bold or subtle, fully customizable by you. 

That’s all folks. Interior design is all about what you feel comfortable in and what you wish to express. No one design fits all décor. Mix and match and find out which one’s yours. Like, share and come back for more awesome content!

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