Our Story

International School of Trends was established as the best place to discover what your highest potential is. The founders believe that there exists a gap in what we learn and what the world needs; with ISOT, they intend to fill this gap to restructure Design education one course at a time.

Hence they set about building a holistic institute pioneering new ways of learning in the field of Design, as teaching is also an art in itself.

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Our Mission

Redefining Design Pedagogy

At ISOT, we wish to give a new definition to design institutes. This is required as the current norms define education based on menial academic results, not its application.

We wish to transform the way student’s learnings are evaluated to gain the most from education and to support the idea behind the current evolution of country's education structure.


Our Approach



We believe that the future of education is all about strengthening and incorporating student-centric learning. The concept goes – If given the correct result in lieu of expectations, the students will feel more motivated to absorb knowledge and perform better.

There exists a gap in what we learn and what the world needs; at the International School of Trends we intend to fill this gap. We are strong advocates of involving digitization in learning.



The institute is masterminded by illustrious educators. There is an involvement of Managers, Designers, artists, Industry Experts, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, and Academicians in the basic roots of the process to make sure that the student is familiar with all of it.

We believe that an interdisciplinary approach will help students to create, innovate, and iterate. Also, it ensures convenience for the parents if they have one Institute to fall back on.



The International School of Trends is very experimental in design pedagogy approach. We give a supportive environment that can tolerate mistakes but within experimental reason and discipline. We adopt various methods to generate that creative spark in everyone.

The exercises are designed to boost lateral thinking and hence problem-solving skills. Such assessment helps the right hemisphere to grow and boost imagination.



Eventually, we have to be prepared to face all the challenges of the real-world. That is one area where a complete result-oriented approach is necessary and we have undertaken the design of the curriculum accordingly.

The International School of Trends is built with the relevant approach. We take 100% assurance that after passing the doors of the International School of Trends you will be equipped to start your career fully assured and ready to stake a claim of your place in this world.

How We Achieve It?

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning makes it easier for the student to get a grasp on core concepts which in turn makes sure that an eventual career is fail-safe. We have the practice of teaching the application of the concept along with understanding the concept. It happens to be one of the revolutionary tools which can shape the mind of the student in a better and fail-safe manner.

Forward Thinking

Forward-thinking keeps a clear vision ahead of us and lets us evaluate the correct methodology to adopt for coaching. This also ensures that all the investment done by the student in his/her career is put to use in a proper manner with prior knowledge and vision. With a clear vision in mind, it is imperative that the path to success becomes easier, and without any kind of wastage. The Vision ahead – that’s our motto!

College for Millennial

International School of Trends prides itself on being THE college for the Millennial student. He/ She who wants things curated just to his liking. He/ She doesn’t believe in fitting the mold, so why should his Institute be according to one? This requires ardent curation and shaping the fit for each student. They are prone to believe that a custom fit is the best fit. With the era of new thinking and creativity dawning on us, it is important to know “who” we are catering to.

Design Revolution 4.0 and evolution

As we know, In the new millennium, technology began to infiltrate the education process, and both students and teachers started to utilize technology in basic ways. As this technology advanced, including the mass infiltration of a more user-generated internet, Education of the past was formed. Sensing another change in the offing, we culminated the entry of another revolution, this one in association with the upcoming Industrial Revolution. This is necessary as the Millennials need to be prepared for the Cyber-physical systems.

Holistic Learning

Holistic Learning is defined as the philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to their local community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. Holistic education aims to call forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life and passionate love of learning. This approach to Education is new and necessary and is mandatory for the new-age student.

Design Thinking

Through the application of design thinking, we aim to understand our users. We challenge assumptions and redefine problems in order to identify an alternate set of strategies and solutions. This helps us to go beyond our initial level of understanding. We understand and observe the target user, developing a connection with him. It is a solution-based approach to solving problems. We tackle difficult problems by questioning everything: the problem, the solution, the consequences. Through a streamlined approach of brainstorming, sketching, prototyping, and sketching we find the solution of a problem.


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Education 4.0

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Holistic Learning

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Entrepreneurship Training

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